Protection for Medics

  • April 22, 2020

Сьогодні 17-й День Народження Центру дитячої кардіології та кардіохірургії! За час існування Центру нашими професіоналами було:

Today is the 17th birthday of the Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Centre! For these years: 

 44,676 PATIENTS with heart diseases got treatment

29,503 cardiac procedures and 9,719 highly specialized cardiac INTERVENTIONS were performed

9,630 children in age of 0-12 months underwent the operations

We cordially congratulate all medical workers: doctors, surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses and the founder of the Centre Illya Yemets, who in this difficult period, despite everything, continue to fight for a happy life of young patients. A low bow to you!

Today, the Center’s wards have 17 patients in critical condition who need emergency cardiac and cardiac surgery. This means that doctors go to work during a pandemic and need protective equipment. Therefore, the best for our medical workers, who are saving kids lives, will be your help in purchasing EXTREMELY NECESSARY and DEFICIENT protective clothing.